The Different Types of Badminton Games

There are more than one type of badminton game to play. Here is a guide to the different types of match you might see.


Singles games are as the name would suggest – two single players opposite each other. This is what many players imagine when they think of badminton games.  The basic rules apply for singles matches.  You can often see men’s singles and women’s singles.  In casual play, you can of course see men playing against women!


Doubles games involves having two players against another two players, with either player being allowed to hit the shuttle, without needing to take turns.  The only exception to this rule is during the first two shots of the rally, where doubles players need to take turns to hit the shuttle.  You can often see men’s doubles, women’s doubles or mixed doubles (each team featuring a man and a woman). The mixed doubles is also called level doubles.