Getting Started In A New Hobby Or Sport

Badminston is one of the more gentle racket sports and there is generally the opinion that there is no age bar.  However some things should be taken into consideration.  Wearing the correct footwear and keeping it for playing Badminton is a must.  Keeping one’s body fit and eating healthily is essential for all sports and Badminton players tend to be on the lighter, slimmer side of the line.  There is a certain amount of running and jumping that are best managed with good lower joints, especially the ankles!

Badminton is easier to pick up and learn than tennis as a beginner but at more advanced levels it can be as challenging as tennis but in different areas.  For example, two beginner badminton players in a garden standing about 3 metres apart from each other with a badminton net can start immediately.  Player one hits the shuttle at an angle to allow it to fly over to the other side of the net.   On the other hand, tennis beginners have to learn to get the ball over the net with much heavier racquets and from a greater distance.  It is very much easier to learn badminton.  Players keep plaaying longer in life too.