A Few Of The Basic Rules of Badminton – Quite Simple Really

The rules for playing badminston are pretty simple and it is this simplicity that makes it an attractive option as a court game.   In fact badminton can be played by two or four players and it is played with very lightweight badminton rackets (not raquets as in tennis), special badminton shoes and the best shuttlecocks you can afford, it is easy to get into the sport.

The Service is decided by a toss of coin or other decider.  The server then has to adopt the underarm serve, totally opposite to tennis.  In elite competitions there are service judges and height measuring devices.  The service must be hit diagonally into the half court of the opponent, this is the first horizontal line on each side of the court closest to the net.  There are no second serves.  If the served shuttlecock hits the net and goes over play continues on.  If it travels on and lands past the service line, the server wins the point.  If it fails to reach the service line or goes off court, the receiver takes the point.  A point is won when the shuttle lands in the opponents court or if they are unable to return the shuttle back over the net